Klingele is the leading Belgium specialist in the production of chocolate bars and sugar free premium bars based on natural plant-derivatives: maltitol and stevia. It’s a family company found in 1995 in Evergem by Koen Klingele and it holds 2 brands: Balance and Green Dream. The first one stands out for its innovative sugar products and products intended for people suffering from lactose intolerance, the second one offers certified products based on ingredients from controlled organic farming and manufacturing in compliance with Fair Trade principles. The company holds a British Retail Consortium certificate ensuring the highest quality standards as well as consumers’ health and safety. Additionally, it holds a BIO TUV ord Integra BE-BIO-02 certificate and Max Haelaar FLO ID 20644 certificate.



Belkorn, with tradition since 1965, has become an expert in the production of premium cookies based on the healthiest natural ingredients, with the use of trends and innovations. A family company with its seat in Diest, Belgium, specialized in the production of cookies for babies and children – BISkids brand (and also sugarless cookies based on a natural sweetener – maltitol – Activa brand) BISkids are the first cookies produced in ecological quality in Europe in 1980. The products stand out for their excellent quality, do not contain preservatives and artificial dyes. The are recognized in many European countries. The company holds a BIO Certisys BE-BIO-01 certificate.


 Organic 3S

Organic 3S is an innovative Greek manufacturer of organic food without gluten and stevia sweeteners, which created 3 brands crucial for its portfolio: PAREA – cookies, snacks and oat without the 5 allergens: gluten, soy, milk, lactose and eggs. Three Friends – is a certified ecological food, e.g. cereals like muesli, granola (without palm oil and sugar) and crunchy. The third brand, Sweet Friend, was created in cooperation with Greek experts for beverages Epsa – Sweet Friend – Light Drops is an innovative combination of stevia with ecological agave and rice syrups, which won a Superior Taste Award – 3 stars, which is th highest distinction awarded by the Taste & Quality Institute.

www.organic-greece.com, www.pareaglutenfree.com, http://epsa.gr/light-drops/


For more than 20 years, TEKMAR has been offering products in line with healthy life-style and healthy food trends to everyone who wants and needs something more. TEKMAR established a specialized Health Centre with the aim to use the knowledge of science and research to develop functional products that embody its core goals – quality, innovation and originality. Tekmar products have been awarded for their innovation on many international fairs.



YourChoice is a brand for active people who follow current life trends and enjoy various sports, whether as hobby or professionally. The line also includes innovative protein bars. YourChoice Jelly bar belongs to the new generation of protein bars, which has more taste quality thanks to delicious strawberry jelly, in addition to that, taurine stimulates your brain and prepared your body for increased effort. YourChoice Protein 35% provides a solid dose of protein which appeases hugner and is a great alternative for a meal if you have no time to eat during the day. The line also includes bars with vegetable protein.



After 10 years of experience in the supply of high quality nuts, seeds and dried fruit, it was time to give added value to them. “EkoProd” Ltd. started manufacturing its own line of high-quality food bars: NICS. NICS expresses the concept that nature can provide everything necessary for human body. Each NICS supplies your body with the nutrients it needs.